General Marketing

This program suits those who are allrounder and to become one in their professional life in the marketing sector.

General marketing refers to an all-around knowledge of managing an establishment of any kind. This knowledge proves useful when entering the job market as one can multitask and become an asset to any establishment they join. It is especially beneficial for today’s growing number of young entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own businesses.

An individual with all-around knowledge is able to fit into any work profile, this could include marketing, sales, telly-marketing, accounts or promotions, giving the candidate an all-around advantage while applying for employment.

Employers prefer candidates who will have basic knowledge of all aspects of work, this makes it convenient when working in companies where multitasking is necessary.

Eligibility crietria

Age Limit

17 years and above

Education Qualification

10+2 /under graduate/ graduate in any field

Physical Fitness

No specific requirement

What will you learn

  • To provide excellent customer service and build customer loyalty for companies.
  • Understand the market.
  • Advise and organize product and business promotions.
  • Manage accounting for companies and business establishments.
  • Managing different types of clients and businesses.
  • To increase awareness of the relevance of Western marketing thought for students as consumers and as marketing practitioners.
  • To increase knowledge and understanding of marketing concepts and terminology (“principles of marketing”) which form the foundation for advanced coursework and practice in business.

Course Content

Marketing and Careers in Marketing

Overview of Marketing

Public Policy

Internal and International Marketing Factors

Controllable and uncontrollable, Marketing environment

Consumer Behaviour

Organisational Buyers

Product planning, Services, Pricing, Logistics, Retailing, Promotions, Advertisement, Internal marketing

Marketing Information and Strategy