Hotel Management

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A ground steward/stewardess refers to staff members who are designated to carry out duties on the ground Hotels all over the world rely on their staff for the daily functioning of their establishment.

Every department has trained staff that is responsible for carrying out a seamless service to the hotel guests. All departments are accountable to their respective managers who are in turn responsible for ensuring that the duties are being carried out according to the rules and regulations of the hotels. Hotel management entails commercial accountability for budgeting and financial management, planning, organising and directing all hotel services including front desk personnel, reception, concierge and reservations, food and beverage operations and housekeeping.

Larger establishments have a specific remit guest services, accounting and marketing which then makes up a management team who is responsible for strategic overview and planning ahead. The manager must pay attention to details and set an example for the staff to deliver a standard of service and presentation that meets and exceeds guests’ expectations, business management and people management is equally important.

Hotel management duties will vary depending on the size and type of the establishment. In larger hotels, the manager may have less contact with the guests but be active behind the scenes to ensure the final service that reaches the guest is unmatched. Wherein smaller establishments the manager is much more involved in front office duties and is frequently interacting first-hand with the guests ensuring the guests are provided with the highest level of service.

Large or small, a hotel employee at the reception, housekeeping, food and beverage department, concierge or team /department managers are all working relentlessly towards delivering a seamless service to all guests and ensuring that employees and employers receive equal importance.

Eligibility crietria

Age Limit

17 years and above

Education Qualification

10+2 /under graduate/ graduate in any field

Physical Fitness

No specific requirement

What will you learn

  • Deal with customer / service related queries
  • Arrange banquets / conferences / events
  • supervise the daily running of large/small hotels
  • Understand the market/ keep up with industry growth
  • Plan menus /service procedure
  • Manage and delegate housekeeping procedures
  • Manage the accounting/ sales department

Course Content

Introduction to the Hotel Industry

Meeting and greeting customers/ Front office Procedures

Dealing with customers

Addressing Problems and Troubleshooting

Hospitality Etiquette

Special Event

Ensuring Events and Conferences are arranged and Run Smoothly


Hospitality Property Management



Food Production and Service

Menu Planning and Design

Acounting Fuctions

Target Markets and Intangibility of Service

Understand and Create Organisation Charts

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Hotel Ownership and Affiliations