About QAHA

Quetzal Air Hostess & Hospitality Academy (QAHA)

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring our students into the 21st century through training, innovation, and modern technology. Improving both social and economical aspects of the world in which we operate thus creating global citizens for a better tomorrow.



Quetzal Air Hostess & Hospitality Academy (QAHA) is committed to ensuring that every student gets the best training and career opportunities in the industry. Students are mentored, trained and moulded, by enhancing their personality and equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge required in their preferred careers. This along with interview management and correct self-projection allows the student to become the perfect candidate for job vacancies in the Indian and international aviation and hospitality industry.

QAHA strives to ensure every student finds his/her calling in the aviation /hospitality industry as far as possible. Keeping this in mind, the students enrolling for the cabin crew training course will additionally be trained in the field of ground-staff/hotel management and travel and tourism, this will be at no additional cost to the student. If unable to clear job interviews of a certain stream for unforeseen reasons, he/she will be able to appear for job interviews in related career options in the hospitality industry.

QAHA makes this possible by training and coaching every student proficiently in all courses offered, the course is designed as a combination of vocational and educational training to create a candidate with unmatched competence that will be up to the standards of the globally dominant customer service industries.

What QAHA has to offer

Every human being strives to achieve their dreams and goals. In today’s fast paced world where competition is at its peak; there is no place for those who are not able to display their full potential. QAHA is a finishing school, which trains and coaches its student’s in various fields of the aviation and hospitality sector. Students are provided with complete training, which enables them to secure the career they aspire to have. A state of the art training center having our own Fokker aircraft with fully equipped training facilities. These facilities are at par with international teaching techniques for cabin crew training /ground, airport staff/ hospitality and travel and tourism. The training programs and modules have been compiled in accordance with the relevant topics and all required guidelines for the training have been maintained.

Our training faculty is very well versed in their chosen fields and having vast experience in imparting training. Students will be provided with soft and hard copies of learning material. Well ventilated classrooms along with library facilities. Aircraft familiarization training will be conducted on our own Fokker aircraft proudly owned by QAHA. Students will be assessed during the duration the course in accordance with aviation and hospitality sector’s requirements. If the student is not able to clear the assessments a re-exam will be conducted after a brief recap of the subject. Training at QAHA will include hands on training experience for required courses. During this period students will be given live experience in the hotel industry. This helps prepare the student to understand their full potential and responsibilities that are expected in their chosen fields. Students’ are required to cooperate with the rules and regulations of the institution, hotels and its associates, Travel Desk, Various organisations, Industry etc. where they will be trained as part of their training curriculum.