Industry Overview

Aviation Industry

Aviation is an exciting field that encompasses a wide range of activities, from designing and building aircraft to operating and maintaining them. Aviation plays a crucial role in our societal and economic framework. It enables fast and interconnected travel, which is essential for businesses, tourism, and global connectivity.

As the primary global transportation network capable of rapid connectivity, aviation drives economic growth, creates jobs, and facilitates international trade and tourism. Recognized as a key enabler for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, aviation is one of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide.

The Indian government is refining its policies and initiatives to support the growth of the aviation industry.

These efforts include:

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS)
  • Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik (UDAN) program

India currently ranks as the third-largest domestic aviation market globally, with projections suggesting it will soon become the largest, fuelled by increasing demand for air travel. Indian airlines aim to double their fleet capacity to around 1,100 aircraft by 2027. Concurrently, the government plans to develop 220 new airports by 2025 and increase cargo flights for perishable food items by 30%, adding 133 new flights shortly, thereby expanding employment opportunities, (Source:

Hotel & Hospitality Industry

The hotel and hospitality market in India is flourishing due to the nation's vibrant culture and diverse attractions, drawing in visitors from around the world. Estimated at USD 247.31 billion in 2024, the hospitality industry is projected to soar to USD 475.37 billion by 2029, boasting a robust compound annual growth rate of 13.96% during the forecast period (2024-2029). India stands out as a premier global destination for both leisure and business travellers, significantly bolstering its hospitality sector. Travel and tourism stand as pillars of India's economy, collectively contributing approximately US$ 178 billion to the nation's GDP, making them two of the most significant industries in the country (Source:

Travel & Tourism Industry

Similar to the aviation industry, the Travel and tourism industry growing rapidly and provides various job opportunities to aspiring students. In August 2023, the Indian tourism sector witnessed a remarkable 44% year-on-year surge in talent demand, fueled by escalating disposable incomes and heightened expenditure on both leisure and business travel within the country (Source: Business India's geographical richness and diverse cultural tapestry provide an array of unique experiences, positioning it as a premier destination for international tourism expenditure. According to IBEF's report on the Growth of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, travel and tourism emerge as pivotal industries in India, collectively contributing approximately US$ 178 billion to the nation's GDP.

General Marketing

The marketing sector in India is witnessing a strong growth, propelled by several factors including economic expansion, digitalization, and evolving consumer trends. Market growth signifies a rise in the sales volume of goods, services, and overall economic activity over time. As the number of potential consumers increases, so does the demand for existing supply. India stands out as one of the fastest-growing major economies globally, maintaining an impressive GDP growth rate averaging around 6-7% annually. This economic growth has stimulated more consumer spending and business investments, thereby increasing the demand for marketing services across various industries. The Indian market boasts an estimated worth of US$ 450 billion, ranking among the top five retail markets worldwide in terms of economic value. With a population of 1.2 billion people, India emerges as one of the fastest expanding retail markets globally.