Job Opportunities

Air Hostess & Cabin Crew

Opportunities exist with airlines, private jet companies, and cruise lines.

Hotel Management & Hospitality

Roles include hotel manager, restaurant manager, event planner, receptionist, and hospitality coordinator.

Travel & Tourism

Jobs range from travel agent and tour guide to tourism marketing manager and destination specialist.

Ground Staff

Employment prospects include roles in airport operations, baggage handling, passenger services, and ground transportation.

General Marketing

Opportunities span across industries, including advertising agencies, corporate marketing departments, public relations firms, and market research companies.

Higher Education Possibilities

After the completion of our integrated grooming and training in Air Hostess & Cabin Crew, Hotel Management & Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Ground Staff, and General Marketing along with Bachelors’ Degree, you can pursue advanced degrees such as Master's programs nationally and internationally.

In summary, our integrated grooming and training programs offer a well-rounded educational experience that prepares individuals for successful careers in various service industries while also providing pathways for further education and specialization.